An examination of in-service training method of delivery of theological education with particular reference to the Deeper Life Bible Church by Rabia Kaunda

Deeper life Bible church is one of the fastest growing churches in West Africa. The church has grown out of the work of Deeper Christian Life Ministry. But both these organisations are referred to as Deeper Life. It was founded in Nigeria in the year 1973 by W. F. Kumuyi. It started in his home in Lagos as a Bible study group with fifteen members. By 1988, it had grown into a church with a congregation of more than 50, 000 members. The Deeper Life Bible Church has over one thousand congregations in and beyond Africa (See Isaacson, 1982, p. 17). W.F. Kumuyi now pastors the central headquarters church which has a single congregation of about 100,000 members in Gbagada, Lagos.

deeper life Kaunda.doc

  1. This article has been very helpful for me. I have been working with in-service training for about 10 years in Portugal and have struggled to explain the difference in the models. This article will help greatly in this area. Thanks

    • Dear Ken,

      A pleasure to hear from you and to know that some material on the site is useful. I am married to a Portuguese girl who comes from the porto area. Where are you located?

      Graham Cheesman

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