Theological Education and Vocationalism

Discussion on the vocational purpose of theological education relies on a number of key historical debates. The first debate is very English, although it has its origins in ancient Greece, was disputed by a group of Scotsmen and an Englishman lecturing in Ireland; has been developed by a Spaniard writing in his country’s pre-revolutionary dictatorship and it is on the utility of education. The second debate began in Berlin in the early 19th century, was carried across the Atlantic and soon became a key element in the way theological seminaries understood their objectives in North America and it is on seeing theological education as professional training. The third debate began in Latin America in the late 1960s, mostly among Roman Catholic theologians, disturbing Rome and forcing theologians all over the world, not least in Africa and Asia, to re-consider their job and is liberation theology’s way of linking theology to praxis.

Theological Education and Vocationalism.docx

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