The Challenges and Opportunities for Theological Education in Kenya: A Case Study of Carlisle College – Dr Paul Mwangi

Education is the process through which a society imparts its young generation towards being responsible members of the society. Opposed to this definition schooling is the process of producing competent personnel for specific functions in a given social system. Normally before the industrial revolution, horses would be drilled (schooled) so that they would pull and push the mill that produced energy for a majority of tasks. The missionaries and the European settlers in Kenya introduced schooling. The aim of the schooling was to get people who would work for the missionary and the settler. It is worth noting that the missionaries were in the forefront when it came to schooling. Reading, simple arithmetic and writing (3Rs) were introduced to the people who were attracted into the mission station.


    • Francis Wambari
    • July 30th, 2012

    Very good research and more concise.The researcher is knowledgeable in his subject.I recommend it to all people and especially Theology colleges ,Christians and Goverment educational regulatory bodies .

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