This site is about best thinking and best practice in theological education.

The Centre for Theological Education (CTE) worked for five years, from 2005 tom 2010, as a post-graduate research and teaching centre for theological education. This site is designed to preserve the work done in that time, develop the study of theological education and make the materials available to all who work in the field.

Graham Cheesman acted as the Director of the centre during its life-time. He was a Baptist minister in England, a missionary lecturer in Nigeria for seven years and then the principal of Belfast Bible College, a constituent college of the Queens University Belfast, for seventeen years. He is presently working for the European Evangelical Accrediting Association, is an honorary lecturer of Queens University and supervises doctoral students.

The students and associates of CTE were 50 theological educators and principals of seminaries from 23 different counties across the world. Some achieved their PhD via Queens University while at the centre but most attended short courses, learning and sharing their experiences, over one semester.

This site has four main divisions.

  A regular blog posted  by Graham Cheesman on issues in theological education
  A library of  articles, notes and conference addresses by Graham Cheesman
  A similar library of papers and other material written by students and associates of CTE
  Essays, class notes and other material on theology and mission

All the material is free to download and use. We simply ask that if you do so, you acknowledge its source and direct others to the site. It is our prayer that this website will be of significant use to all of our colleagues engaged in the same calling, for the glory of God and building up of the church.

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